Nitrocellulose Cotton

Chem Pharma Impex is Exclusive distributor of NITRO QUIMICA GMBH (Brazil) for distributing their Nitrocellulose cotton in India.

Nitrocellulose is a resin widely used in the production of paints and varnishes, delivering ease of application and fast drying properties to those products. In addition to its technical properties, nitrocellulose has a great environment sustainable appeal, as the main component for its production is cellulose.

NQ COTTON is a comprehensive product line developed to supply different specification ranges for various nitrocellulose application segments, such as the printing inks, nail polishes, wood coatings, automotive refinish, pharmaceuticals, among others.

Customers have access to products with broad range of viscosities (17cP up to 1500s) and nitrogen content, wetted either in isopropanol or ethanol. Our ethanol-damped nitrocellulose is acknowledged by the coatings market as a sustainable option for the formulation of solvent base inks and varnishes, as they have 80% biorenewable content.

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