CHEM PHARMASupplier of Organic Pigments in Mumbai


Supplier of Organic Pigments in Mumbai

Supplier of Organic Pigments in Mumbai

Chem Pharma Impex is a leading supplier of Organic pigments in Mumbai for paints/coating, printing inks and the plastics industry. Our comprehensive colour range offers high quality, consistent, organic pigments at an affordable price.

We offer cost-effective classical organic Azo And Phthalo pigments as well as High-Performance Pigments which makes us  the best supplier of Organic pigments in Mumbai.

Chem Pharma Impex is the top supplier of high-quality Organic Pigments in Mumbai to a broad base of manufacturers and industries where color is an important feature of a finished product. 

We respond quickly to the needs of our customers with on ttime delivery, high quality custom colorant formulations, advanced computer shade matching, dedicated customer service and troubleshooting and deeply experienced technical and laboratory staff. 

Organic pigments are offered in dispersion form, with some pigment color index products offered in different grades designed for different applications.  These applications include primarily coatings, inks, plastics, and textiles.  Additional industries where our pigments are used include agricultural seed & fertilizer coatings, construction materials, paint, and pulp & paper.

As a leading pigment powder supplier, let us develop the perfect color solution for your product–meeting all shade and physical property requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

We respond quickly to the needs of our customers with on-time delivery, consistently high product quality, dedicated customer service and deeply experienced laboratory technicians.

Organic Dyes and Pigments is proud to be considered one of the industry’s most dependable sources of conventional, specialty, discontinued, and custom-formulated dyes, pigments, and chemical auxiliaries, and looks forward to servicing the needs of the colorant industry for many more years to come.

We employ a complete team of professional problem solvers dedicated to responding quickly to meet the changing needs of their customers. As a result of this commitment and dedication, We have earned a reputation for technical expertise and customer service which has resulted in many long-standing customer relationships.



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