Polyamide Resins

Co-soluble polyamide resin is a solid polyamide resin which is be soluble in mixed toluene/IPA solvent. When used together with solvent,pigment and filler,it can be formulated into varied of printing ink with bright colour,fast dryness,water resistance, folding endurance and chemical stability.


Alcohol solution polyamide resin is a solid polyamide resin which is soluble in IPA solvent with high inoxidizability. It is widely used in printing inks.It can improve adhesion on PE, PP, PET surface. It also can firmly adhere to most plastic and metal films.

Ketonic Resins
HK 100

HK 100 is a cost-effective ketonic resin, light in colour with low viscosity and that offers good gloss, adhesion & pigment wetting properties. It is characterized by its rapid solubility. HK 100 is recommended for Flexo & Gravure Inks , Paper Inks, Wood Primers , Ball Point Pen Ink , Paper Coatings , Surface Coatings and Nail Varnishes.

PU Resins

PU 1224 is used as a Plasticizer. They are used for reverse printing Gravure and Laminating Inks.

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